Are Your Digital Assets Everywhere? Mess?

Want to get organized? Considering a new product / service? Let Us Help You with Our Proven "The Digital Assets Discovery (DADy) Framework".


So what is the DADy Framework?

The Framework lets you define a Process around your Assets. It helps you answer simple questions around digital assets on four key categories, and let's you discover the lifecycle of an asset. Now that you know the what's and how's, you can use this information to add efficiencies around it, informed decision when considering buying a new DAM product.

1. Source

What are the sources for the assets? Some examples.. legacy assets, stock photographers, vendors, agencies, employee submissions,

2. Creation

How are your assets created? What is your designer's boilerplate look like? How can users search for assets? What metadata is used? Are the legacy assets tagged? How about newly created assets?

3. Storage

Where are the assets stored? How many databases are holding them? Is there a CMS that manages them? Are they shared between processes and other systems? Are they in-house or external? On-premise or cloud?

3. Consumption

How are the assets consumed? How are they retrieved? Using references/url's or actual binary files used?

How DADy can help?

Let's you identify the organizations' digital assets lifecycle.. from Creation to Consumption.

Make informed decisions when planning to implement a new DAM (Digital Asset Management) System or a Product.

Discover how your Approval process is defined.

Identify how your employees and managers are adhering to Rights & Licensing of the Assets (internal and external).

Who Can Use DADy Framework?

Any organization.. startup, small and medium businesses and all the way to large multi-national corporations can use this framework

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